Hello fellow gamers and Dragons

Welcome to the lair of the best strongest quickest and daring dragon of them all welcome to gaming DragonKing. I am Dragon King Junbai I have all sorts of reviews for you but for now just so you can get a feel for what I’ll be posting I have set up a little rant of mine and you might or might not know but the Gamer Gate. Either way you look at it it’s just a site that talks about girls such as Hitler would talk about and hurt others. I’m comparing the two but I am saying that you have the choice to stand up and actually talk about something or stand down and not look at it as simply as that. Doesn’t mean I’m on either side I’m in the middle where I can understand both angles but with that being said you can post and read what you want if you don’t like it just walk away (Back away from the computer). Even gamer gate doesn’t have to type the way the type or phrase the meaning of there review in way where it will hurt there viewers feelings but hey its your site do what you want with it. “RRRAAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.


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