Feeling the need for a good scare?


   So for my sense of humor (And my siblings because they dared me -_-:) I went along and picked up Dead Space and I’ve been playing it for a while and I finally got the nerve to beat it. Oh my lord if it wasn’t for my brother actually coming in my room and telling me it’s just a game I would’ve been paranoid for literally the rest of the day. I was terrified around every corner and little hallway and just when I thought “Phew, everything is safe now.” “RAAAAWWWWRRRR” I would look and turn around screaming for mercy as I shoot 5 rounds at the alien as I shook in terror I laughed as if I was insane in some way. So if you feel the need to get into a good scare and don’t wanna spend to big go ahead and get you the game Dead Space its only 19.99 or pre-owned 11.25 for both Ps3 (PSS 14.99) and Xbox 360. This is your favorite Dragon saying if you like what you see please follow me. Have a good one everyone. Thanks again guys for reading my post. “RRRAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.

P.S. Follow the hommie Max on youtube he love’s trolling


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