Overplayed review but I havent done yet Dark Souls

Dark souls

Now I’m hoping we’ve all heard of dark souls if not I’m going to tell you about it but if so you can skip to the next paragraph. Now for those of you who don’t know Dark souls is a Action role-playing, Metroidvania  (Big word for platform), dungeon crawl based game. Its coop in some cases hut mainly single player/multiplier. God bless Nammco Bandia Games, but anyway about the game it gives you many options and most of the story is up to you. You play as your own created and named character that is “hallow” and hollow is a plague that pretty much sums it up you pretty much are un-dead and we know that story goes. Once you have it you become hostile and try to gain your humanity back by obtaining these humanity souls that once you become human makes you vulnerable to other players but also allows you to call on help from other players. Now the main story line is that immortal everlasting dragons held the crown over all. The first flame was ignited from the unknown which came as desperate to all in the flame four things found godlike powers. The 3 were led by Gwyn and he also had another follower one of the dragons that betrayed the others for assaulting him. Now they defeated the immortal dragons. Now knowing that the flame that gave them power would go out soon so 1 of the 4 tried to make there own failed and now we have hollows.

Sometimes hate explaining but some need it oh well what are you gonna do. Now i personal live the story only reason  i didn’t name people so i wouldn’t ruin it for others. The game itself is amazing the graphics are good not destiny good (Not to be mean) but its good overall, the enemy’s are fascinating and are crazy. Yea the enemy’s might every once in a while scare you but you will be fine. I would say go grab you one it is worth it although if you are a hardcore gamer i suggest starting from demon souls and you will be even more into it. As always love you guys give my page a look at you one and only Dragon King Junbai giving you a “RRRAAAAAWWRRR”. I love you guys bye bye.


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