#1 Conan the boy detective Anime 30 day challenge


Ah this brings me back when i was young. (Well at l was younger than i am now ^c^’)  for those of you who don’t know what the name of anime that anime is its simpler to say its about a detective that is on a big case when the criminals try to poison him but instead make him younger.

Now time for my review. Weird enough i was interested in it at the age 7’ish i think at least. My thoughts logically on this back then was “Oh wow i wanna be like him.” Now my thoughts are “Who the blue hell (Rin from blue exorcist) thought to kill this man with poison and messed up the potion and why da fudge sickle did they mess up?!” I mean of course its a great anime for children who semi understand what a crime is and such or for a kid with a loving parent who’s wiling to watch anime at 11 p.m. If i was to give this anime a good 8.5 out of 10. Love it to death. The concept of it is really nice but the logic fails a little with the main character figuring out who’s the killer without getting killed himself i mean his mind is in tact but not his body physically so its sorta like 10 rabbits in the snow that are brown with a fox. Hes not hard to miss. In many cases it has its own unique style to a degree that he still has mind contact, he gets away with solving crimes faster then he did as a adult, and him being a child he appreciates them a little more which is a good life lesson for most parents.

Hey if you like this review go check out my others I’m going to soon post my drawings -_-: little nervous to but if you wanna fly you gotta glide right? (Batman is mad somewhere that i said that XD) anyway live you guys “RRRAAAAAWWRRR”. I love you guys bye bye.


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