You guys might not know (Unless you stalk me) but I’ve been playing “Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen” for a while now and i finally got to beat it but with Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen if you play it you know its never done. Now my review for this spectacular game.
For all you adventure, mystical being, and armor that looks finaominal this game is for you. The game and modes are simple and not really surprising or different but once your in the game you get the feels. The feels are real in this game (:_:). In a way most of the creatures you face are easy if you have enough health. The leveling system is meh but the characters you make and what you do with them are beyond some games on the ps3. The amazing structures on this game are way out there. But its limited to only 1 big building called Gran Soren if I could change anything itll be the limited exsploreing and make it so that you can explore more of they grey areas. I would give this game 9.0 let the exsploreing be more we can talk 9.5. Thanks for reading.
As always i love you guys please check out my blog site read the few I have so far i know i keep saying I’m going to put my drawings on here but just give me time. Come and “RRRAAAAAWWRRR” with me I will follow back (If I like yours too.) I love you guys bye bye.



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