Ready Set … FIGHT!


     Have you ever played a fighting thinking “I’m one of the best!” The after 10 matches from different people around the world then you start to think “I wish I never had this game!” (In reality you thank your paycheck for having it) You think Tekken Tag Tournament 2. With their new costumes and design and customize your players there’s countless things you can do to your favorite fighter. Tekken holds the title for being the only game that anybody can play because no matter who you’re picking all you have to do is button mash. Now I’m not saying that’s the only way I mean there’s air juggling with the switch out system you can keep your combo going even if your competitor thinks you’re spamming meh its in the system so its a part of the game. The other types of detail I adore is that if you get hit in a certain type of area like in the sand or dirt you come up with it still on you even the environments that get you if you get to much on you. If I were to give this game a rating it would be 9.9/10 the reason for that being is that its system is amazing its costumes are great and the types of game modes are countless its just the one small little detail is that people still get to upset about the spamming or air juggling and that others can’t get the feel for the types of fighting styles. Once again guys I love you all follow me if you will. I am grateful for ever follower as always “RRRAAAAAWWRRR” and be safe everyone this Halloween. I love you guys bye bye.


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