#2 Favorite Anime!!! FULL METAL ALCHEMIST

Yes I finally got a chance to choose my favorite anime for 30 day anime challenge and so without further ado let’s get this started.
I’m sorry because i know all of you probably think it would be something more new but if I had to go with full metal alchemist. It really touched me in a way not most anime’s can’t except one other (SAO) but anyway this is more personal note because me and my younger brother lived only with my mom for most of our life and so in that way it was more compelling to watch. Once I started to understand the story it got closer to my life story and so ironically I thought it could be just me in a anime and with blonde hair. (XD) I really wanted my life to be like there where I took care of my brother most of the time and such but at the same time there struggles were already close enough to mine so I didn’t have to wish or dream those.
Enough with the mushy stuff of my life the anime theory and plot is amazing I love how the main character (Edward) lost something precious to him by tampering with forces that were out of his control he lost more. Now his goals are to get these precious things back by using something called the philosopher stone which can bend reality and all things to the users will. If he can get that back he can get those things he held dear back but there are also others who want it as well. He must understand lots of stories to which he can properly identify and use the philosopher stone cause if used wrong it could kill him and whoever else with him. Him and his brother are on a quest to get there precious things back. If I had to rate this anime (Which I usually only do for games but make a exception on this) 10/10 there are no plot holes and if there are they can be filled up while watching the series I love this anime and it gives me chills to watch the ending till this day. I would recommend this anime to anyone who like philosophy, alchemy (which is the conjuring of things to make something), and people who likes a story with some substance and meat to it.
If it were up to me to make something like that it would go even deeper to some evil and dark mysterious stuff but that’s just my point of view. Many say they loved how the serious ended going out with a bang. The side views of it were a lot but enough to keep the reader or watcher entertained so it wouldn’t just be the main characters goal but many others and why they wanted it.
Thanks again guys for liking my post I know I don’t post much but when I do I see the support you guys give thank you again for subscribing and liking my post. “RRRAAAAAAWWRRR” to you guys and I love you have a great night. I love you guys bye bye.



  1. madreceiver · January 31, 2015

    FMA Brotherhood was an exceptional show and my older son’s favorite. I finally finished watching this fall after he’d been pestering me to do so. I am glad I did.

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    • dragonking · January 31, 2015

      Yea it tells some people a lot about there relationship with there brother and it also gave me hope in some tough times.


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