#3 Favorite male anime character!

It all comes down to this….
…My favorite male character….
Kirito: “I will Get you out of this game no matter what!”
Rin: “I’m gonna kick Satans Ass!”
Naruto: “I will never give up!”
Natsu: “I won’t let you hurt my guild!”
…these four have captured my heart and taught me to never give up and never give in…
…..but the one that touched me in my soul is…..
…Rin Okumura.


OK enough dramatic ambiance but in all seriousness I know everyone has felt like everybody and I mean everybody hated them or didn’t like them but didn’t know them enough to know there first name. That’s why I choose Rin. He’s like a mere image of myself. Even in the down times Yea there’s pain, Yea there’s hurtful words I can’t forgive, there’s even memories I can’t seem to forget but all in all I see that your still just like me no matter how mean or vicious you have a heart for something. When you first seen that thing you judged it Yea but slowly you began to love and trust it. Its like Rin said “Why should you trust me? Well that’s all I can give you, I have nothing else.” Hey guys thanks for reading another dragon writing I wanna thank you all for even remotely look or gazing at my work make sure you leave a comment on your favorite male character I’d live to hear why, make sure you subscribe because you know that’s all I got to XD. I love you guys and “RRRAAAAAAWWRRR”. I love you guys bye bye.


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