#4 Favorite female anime character (slight spoiler)


If anything it has to be Tsubaki. The 3 reasons why are  below.

1. She has to be the sweetest character in the series of Soul eater and shes 2 in nicest anime characters. (1 is Hinata) Even though she got real serious on the bridge when Maka was mad at Soul.
2. She has her moments where she has to be lead despite Black Stars arrogance.
3. She does have the patients of a goddess she does give Black Star million of chances to make for his mistakes and even makes sure he’s always OK before her own safety.
Well those are the 3 reasons Tsuabki is my favorite female character. Make sure you give your favorite Dragon a like make sure to comment to on your favorite female character. If you can subscribe because even if you don’t I love you for even glancing. I love you guys “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” have a great day! I love you guys bye bye.


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