#5 Anything but this… my only.. weakness!

So since I know you all are waiting I’ll make short and sweet and to the point. (Stop stalling) Alright Alright the anime I’m still ashamed I watched is “Heavens Lost Property”. Now don’t get me wrong it has amazing visuals. I would say go watch it but uhhh “》v《 here’s the thing its ecchi and for those of you who don’t know what that is.
All of us has watched a cartoon or show were there literally a inch away from being considered a Rated 18+ movie which is what ecchi is.
This particular anime made me watch it because yea I’ll admit it, it was because it has boobies and crouch shots that no one but (Tomoki) main character gets to see but it actually had some feeling into it. If you don’t mind the normal teenage boy head and you don’t mind silly stuff and jokes then you go check that out. It really is a good anime for mostky adultish teens.
Whenitcomes to Heavens Lost Property this gets 7.5 wait sorry there was a recount when it comes to this anime it gets a 8.5/10! The story makes sense more then Bobobobo and it sticks too a nice flow that whoever watvhds it everyone can enjoy.


Why did I ever watch this..


Oh yea thats why.
Thank you guys for looking reading glancing at my work please if you want more Dragon anime reviews give this a like I love you all. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” and like always have a great day!


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