Hells Little Angels

A boy walks into a pitch black hallway accompanying him is a small girl as they both walk through the darkness. They both are hit with a spotlight bright enough to make the sun look dim. As they both stare at the light not even flinching. Two figures walk from the light and the two slowly form into one. The mysterious figure looks at them and says, “Your mine!”, in a dark menacing voice. The little girl replys and says, “In your dreams I’ll take you out with one hit!” As the figure runs toward them the little girl gets into a ready position. As soon as the girl was going to to strike the boy pushes her aside and knocks the figure back with one punch to its chest. Then the boy follows with a kick from above slamming the figure into the ground and the figure is stuck. “I was going to knock him down! ” the girl says in frustration. The boy then flips a switch he see’s on the wall and all the lights are on in the hallway and the figure in the ground squirms trying to escape like a worm getting out the ground. The girl recites from a book “In the name of god and jesus our savior begone foul bast and return to you-“ She is then interrupted by the creature in the ground he escaped. “Damn it!”, the girl says as she jumps back and all of a sudden the creature is behind her. The girl looks back and see’s the demon pull back its fist and swings. The boy than jumps and pushes her out the way taking the demons fist in both hands and his shadow looks like a angel protecting someone.
The demon is looking 6 feet tall with 5 eyes,nasty looking face, jagged teeth, his color is dark purple with markings, and his tail is just as disgusting with dirt and pus around it. Its fist as wide as a two doors and as thick as a new oak tree. The boy uses the momentum of the demons fist to pull the demon down slamming him into the stone floors. Junbai then grabs the demons arm and slams his foot on the its shoulder, the angel figured shadow soon turned into demon, he proceeds on and slowly pulls the arm detaching it one vein and muscle at a time. Right when it seemed its arm was going to be ripped off the girl grabs the boy by the collar and she pulls him back. She then recites the chant from her book one last time. She says, ” In the name of god and Jesus our savior begone foul beast and return to your world!” The demon burst into flames and smoke, as the smoke dissipates a man is lying there with a mark on his arm that slowly dissolves into the air. “……..” looking at the figure on the ground the boy motions her to come here with a upsetting look. The girl comes over and looks and her expression looks of disgust through her red eyes. “Who keeps doing this is giving me a bad name.” she says with a frown. “……” he looks at her with a upsetting face under his 2/3 mask. “What you mad cause you didn’t kill him?” He nods. “You could’ve gave me the first hit seems to me like we both never get what we want.” She smirks at him and jumps on his back. He carries her and they both fade away from the scene.
As we shift areas theres a place full of people and Angels. As we look closer you can see most of the angels are wearing the same appeal as each other and so are the humans. Each Angel having the typical halo with small white wings are wearing a white button up with white pants or skirts depending on gender with a red patch on there shoulder and white pants or skirt again depending on gender. As to the humans are wearing red (girls) or blue (boys) depending on gender shirts and a black scarf around there upper torso depending also on their style. Each person stands opposite to the angels. The sky is blue as a blue jays coat and the sun is bright and full. The place there in is a island and the building behind all the people says HP (Heavens Palace). Two women stand on top of the sign HP. One of them wearing purple jacket with slim fitting pants. The other a Angel with yellow dress. The one in purple shouts with strong tone, “HELLO ALL CONDUITS AND ANGELS WELCOME TO HEAVEN’S PALACE PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR ARE NOW UNDER OUR SUPERVISION AND THAT WE ALL EXPECT NOTHING BUT GREATNESS OUT OF YOU IN CLEARING THE WORLD OF EVIL NOW IF ALL CONDUITS WILL FOLLOW ME!” The angel shouts in a sorta chirper tone “HELLO ALL YOU ANGELS PLEASE FOLLOW ME!” They both hop down from the sign and take the angels and humans to different doors taking roll call. As the both start to close the door there stopped by two young individuals. One a male standing at 5’7″ wearing a red button up shirt, a mask, and black pants. His hair is black with red streaks and his eyes a royal blue. The other is a younger looking girl that is latching on the back of the male shes wearing white button up shirt and white pants. Her eyes a rosy red and hair as white as snow. The guy looks at the ground as she speaks “Wait we’re here to start at HP.” The women look at each other then them saying in harmony “Name please?” She replys for her and him saying ” Junbai Digma and Kalyani Inaki.” They both see them on their sign in sheet and see their history on the paper there both blank except they’ve took on many S ranked missions and came back fine and that she’s a fallen angel and hes a conduit with a bad reputation of killing indiscriminately. Hmmm……


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