One time for the old times

You know what time it is….



     Sheva! Chris! Jill! Noo! and every other possible yell you can think of in Resident Evil 5. In this game review my radar tells me we have a difficulty setting that is fair to say the least. In this story you play as Chris and a BSAA agent by the name of Sheva. While still trying to keep the virus at bay Chris is also trying to kill Albert Wesker. The last time he went to kill lets just say Chris last partner jumped out the window with Albert in her arms.


The setting is Africa where you meat Sheva your new partner. You will be fight against the same old same virus. The enemies change depending on if you shoot a certain enemy in the head and torso. The worst enemy that could possible come after you is the enemies I like to call the ram heads or the buffalo from state farm. The enemies like usual can wield weapons from melees to guns. Which I consider fair by all means. The bosses are easy to people who know how the enemies work after a few or even one attempt(s). The game modes are sorta small to say the least but its more storyline for Resident Evil you know? (Until that is Resident Evil 6 came out) Anyways so the game in a nutshell is pretty good even for you gamers that like the oldies here you go. Resident Evil 5 gets a 8.5/10. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.


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