#7 Anime Crush >//^//<

So since I’m bisexual I get two right is that fair?

Well I’m doing it anyway I feel like I have that right.

Anime boy crush: I believe the reason why I chose this cutie is because how strong and self motivated. He’s also gay and his name Bulat from Akame ga kill

he’s such a sweetheart and his heart its full of gold!


P.s. He also has those amazing muscles >////°////<“

Anime girl crush: Next up ladies now since I already chose Tsubaki for female fav. I’ll choose someone else. This girl is independent all in all she knows how to clear a room but hey soft side isn’t very soft. Revy from

Black Lagoon


She’s so awesome if I was strong willed I’d love to be around her.

Welp there you have it. My anime crushes thanks for reading make sure you check out my game reviews as well. Love you and yea “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love guys bye bye.


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