#8 My favorite anime couple..

Ok does my anime/manga count? Does it have to be one thats one air? Well here I’ll give you mine and a real one I guess so no one will be disappointed. So without further ado my favorite anime couple.

My (Real) anime couple is the one and only Kirito & Asuna from “Sword Art Online”k&a now the reason I chose these two is because it’s much like yours truly relationship without all the death… Their attitudes and ways of thinking are much like me and the significant other but I won’t get too deep in that because then you’d know too much. There contrast in color scheme and all is very nice and I love their relationship very much. Also the way the artist portrayed Kirito and Asuna as they were in the beginning into the latest episodes are fantastic and I like how they just didn’t stick to them being the only couple they added others who also loved Kirito as if they knew him there whole life.

Now for my couple. If you remember my last post my characters weren’t described in my story but the one thing was they knew each other like the back of their hands and didn’t have to communicate with each other in order to know what each other meant. Junbai Digma and Kalyani Inaki the boy that’s half demon and the girl who is a fallen angel. The boy being know for killing indiscriminately and the only girl in history to be a fallen angel with black wings. Their past and future become very very interesting after a while.

In order for me to post more. You guys have to request it. I know I say its my blog and I post what I want but you guys can suggest stuff and give your input. I invite all input no matter how mean it sounds. So for those of you that gave me a read thanks. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.


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