Nightmare at Christmas

Playstation Base


Hello all, and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine and enjoyed your Christmas break!

Christmas is that time of year where millions of men, women and children wait with anticipation to open all of those great games, consoles and accessories that they asked for over the preceding months.  Millions of pounds were spent on gaming across the globe and with the end of year 1 for Next Gen consoles looming, it would be the best Christmas yet right?  Wrong!

On December 24th, the notorious and infamous hacking group, Lizard Squad, shocked and appalled the entire globe when they brought down PSN and XBL among a few other services.  This rendered every single gamer unable to play online and in many cases, their digital downloads too.  This was a disaster for the Christmas period, for both the consumer and the service providers, where not only were…

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