League of Legends SHYVANA NOO!

     Sorry about not updating in like forever I know its been a while that I’ve updated my viewers that still see or not if I have actually posted something. I’m am truly sorry over the past few weeks or so I have been gaming in steam and playing “League Of Legends” yes yes I know (But you said you like action and adventure games rather than any other type) but I decided to give it a shot and it as great I played with a few buds that decided to show me the ropes.. (Not really) But anyways we decided to teach me how to play by just throwing me right into the action and as far as I could understand based on my short brief descriptions of strategy based games it all’s depends on how you like to play. I whenever comes to a regular old match game when I can control my actions a little more am the dps or tank which I was playing Shyvana is a dps or tank I think.. Shyvana I came to realize in strategy games I’m a support class that heals rather than, the guy blowing shizz up and what knot. So after a 4 or 5 trail and errors one of the buds decided to tell me “DragonKing aka J.J. I want you to play as Soraka Soraka  a girl who literally heals for most of a her skills.” I being optimistic guy I am said “If we win because of this I swear I will scream yes!” and well you probably know what happened next. “YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!” Woke up both my mom dog and brother but it was worth it I dragon king was a support king which there’s nothing with being support. Anyway if you are playing league of legends for the first time I suggest you get some friends that know how to play and actually COMUNNICATE WELL enough for you to understand what to do when you go to buy stuff from the shop and going out there to fight the enemy other then that I give this game a 10/10 if your surprised you shouldn’t be. That’s not the last or first game I will or ever give a 10/10. The graphics are great the game flow is smooth and I never lagged even though I have this moderate Toshiba laptop. It does give you a tutorial at the beginning on how to play don’t get me wrong but I skipped it because they said they would help me 100% of the way (not). The characters and there abilities match up really well with there lore (Story). Even better more so then less is the community no one usually have a problem with helping out the noobs (New players). Also don’t ever just straight out call mid trust me because I tried when I had Shyvana and this happened. oh my Thank you guys for reading my game review. I love you guys and “RRRAAAAAAAAWWRRR” bye bye.


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