#9 Favorite Anime Villian but not a villian?

The best villain I feel thus far in anime was Shogo Makishima from “Psycho-Pass” but he’s not really a” villain per say let me explain.If you don’t know Pyscho-Pass they its based around the government becoming so advanced that they can see if someone will commit a crime by there stress level or there mind set not knowing what there going do but simply knowing they have bad intetions now in Shogos sense its a different story. At a young age Shogo Makishima was able to control his “Pyscho-Pass” hue or how crazy he was therefore no one would know or even see that he was considered a pyscho or had bad intentions.

The reason why he’s the best villain is that 1. he hasn’t been discovered ever by the machines that inform you tat there bad guys ever. 2. His concept is that the government has crossed the line and that the human  psychology is for us to act on our whim and let life be continue as it may without machines controlling human life. 3. He basically doesn’t want the human race to be normal again but at the same time which would be better a normal life or controlled life with no crime?

Well I leave the question to you would rather have no crime and no life or crime with life?

“RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.


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