Parasyte Episode #1

The first episode was good and it caught my attention even though the girl he touch boob isn’t all that attractive. Continuing the episode was a good attention grabber and has me hooked and asking questions like what is that creature, why is it here, where did they come from, what is there mission in coming here? The episode as the main protagonist or what I suspect to be the main protagonist is Shinichi Izumi a nerdy high school student who has a heart of gold  when I say this I’m not kidding even though he’s weak he is very courageous and strong minded I love his personality but hate his physical body structure I know its supposed to be faults in the main character but damn I was he was a little stronger looking or at least acting. Other then that the right hand is creepy as shit and I hope this story catches me more and more every time I watch it for now I have to leave it at episode #1 😥 but I will be coming back to it. No human emotion hurts me more then being the hero to everyone I love and hate it. My body would be like skip everyone but mind says save everyone so I’m ton between the two I don’ know why I’m sharing this I just am.

“RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.


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