Anything about me?

First and foremost I am Jontavian Braylock heir to the next generation of Braykock family I will be successful (someday) but untill then you have the pleasure to walk through my life.
Ever since I was a child Iwas fascinated with Dragon’s they were my go to animal. I even had a orange with spotted colored stuffed dragon i would cuddly to keep the monsters away (or my mom when I was having a bad day) most of the fascination came from that I was what you call a kid that can’tbe left alone for too long because my anxiety would kick in. So i often imagine I had a friend with me always. Untill my dragon friend had to go he disappeared and handed me his bravery. Did I also mention I was extremely friendly and helpful. It was a curse (because people would take advantage of this) and a gift (because the people who diserved it got it). I have managed to figure out how to noy worry myself with the small things in life. I started playing video games around 4 or 5 when I began to lovr them. Then once I beat the games my parents were able to afford I turned to anime because it was a stress release to find that other people (yes I know there not real (mostly) ) had to struggle with things like good grades or parents not always there (Naruto). As I watched anime I began to teach myself to draw it. Soon I began infactuated with that as well so if I begin to drift to different topics just bare with me.
I am a gamer with dignity, honor, and respect. I don’t play to win (Sometimes) I play for the experience and the pleasure of the game. Yea, when I play fighting games I push myself to the limit and use my wide knowledge of fighting gamery and beat you fairly not like others with button mashing or air juggling no i fight you man to man beast to beast. So if you ever want to challenge the Dragon King my ps3 name is XxDragonKingx and i have tekken revolution, tekken tag tournament, and also SF3 (Street fighter 3). Besides that I game to have fun and enjoy it with others.

Anime is my biggest love (even though its on the second line). I love it because it gives me this fealing that I cannot express around my girlfriend or family or anyone. I conceal it because it would be a fealing she just can’t understand nor grasp. She might not be able to handle it but I still do as much as I possibly can without making her feel left out. Anime has always been there for me. It gave me what I and barely a few have now till this day and that’s grit, strength to keep pushing, encouragement, endurance. I have to believe I can do better and be better. That’s why most won’t understand me but you guys/girls don’t have to but you can accept it as my opinion and my belief if you think.
That my friends is my life in a nut shell or a blog which ever you prefer I love to hear that you are satisfied with my blog and I extremely thank all of you for your support. I love you guys even if I barely know you. As always “RAAWWRR” and love you.
P.s. the last paragraph third row I didn’t put parentheses around “even if I barely know you” just a tib bit that’s all.

My first post



  1. B* · November 13, 2014

    Thank you for dropping by my site with your warmth and for following, too.
    Do take care. 🙂


    • dragonking17 · November 13, 2014

      No problem man keep up the good work your doing amazing you’ve been here longer then me so i should be thanking you.

      Liked by 1 person

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