Parasyte Episode #1

The first episode was good and it caught my attention even though the girl he touch boob isn’t all that attractive. Continuing the episode was a good attention grabber and has me hooked and asking questions like what is that creature, why is it here, where did they come from, what is there mission in coming here? The episode as the main protagonist or what I suspect to be the main protagonist is Shinichi Izumi a nerdy high school student who has a heart of gold  when I say this I’m not kidding even though he’s weak he is very courageous and strong minded I love his personality but hate his physical body structure I know its supposed to be faults in the main character but damn I was he was a little stronger looking or at least acting. Other then that the right hand is creepy as shit and I hope this story catches me more and more every time I watch it for now I have to leave it at episode #1 😥 but I will be coming back to it. No human emotion hurts me more then being the hero to everyone I love and hate it. My body would be like skip everyone but mind says save everyone so I’m ton between the two I don’ know why I’m sharing this I just am.

“RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.

Akame ga Kill Ending the Feels oP^Po (Spoiler kinda sorta)

So I finally finished Kill La Kill and now I have the feels for Akame her finally going on in her life accepting the fact that she can do nothing but kill and survive repeat. Also having Tatsumi dyeing  hurt me the most giving his life up and trying to protect as much as he could but it was all up to Akame. Well next up is Parasite heard it was good and that it gives you even more feels well see about that. 😀

“RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.

#9 Favorite Anime Villian but not a villian?

The best villain I feel thus far in anime was Shogo Makishima from “Psycho-Pass” but he’s not really a” villain per say let me explain.If you don’t know Pyscho-Pass they its based around the government becoming so advanced that they can see if someone will commit a crime by there stress level or there mind set not knowing what there going do but simply knowing they have bad intetions now in Shogos sense its a different story. At a young age Shogo Makishima was able to control his “Pyscho-Pass” hue or how crazy he was therefore no one would know or even see that he was considered a pyscho or had bad intentions.

The reason why he’s the best villain is that 1. he hasn’t been discovered ever by the machines that inform you tat there bad guys ever. 2. His concept is that the government has crossed the line and that the human  psychology is for us to act on our whim and let life be continue as it may without machines controlling human life. 3. He basically doesn’t want the human race to be normal again but at the same time which would be better a normal life or controlled life with no crime?

Well I leave the question to you would rather have no crime and no life or crime with life?

“RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.

League of Legends SHYVANA NOO!

     Sorry about not updating in like forever I know its been a while that I’ve updated my viewers that still see or not if I have actually posted something. I’m am truly sorry over the past few weeks or so I have been gaming in steam and playing “League Of Legends” yes yes I know (But you said you like action and adventure games rather than any other type) but I decided to give it a shot and it as great I played with a few buds that decided to show me the ropes.. (Not really) But anyways we decided to teach me how to play by just throwing me right into the action and as far as I could understand based on my short brief descriptions of strategy based games it all’s depends on how you like to play. I whenever comes to a regular old match game when I can control my actions a little more am the dps or tank which I was playing Shyvana is a dps or tank I think.. Shyvana I came to realize in strategy games I’m a support class that heals rather than, the guy blowing shizz up and what knot. So after a 4 or 5 trail and errors one of the buds decided to tell me “DragonKing aka J.J. I want you to play as Soraka Soraka  a girl who literally heals for most of a her skills.” I being optimistic guy I am said “If we win because of this I swear I will scream yes!” and well you probably know what happened next. “YYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!” Woke up both my mom dog and brother but it was worth it I dragon king was a support king which there’s nothing with being support. Anyway if you are playing league of legends for the first time I suggest you get some friends that know how to play and actually COMUNNICATE WELL enough for you to understand what to do when you go to buy stuff from the shop and going out there to fight the enemy other then that I give this game a 10/10 if your surprised you shouldn’t be. That’s not the last or first game I will or ever give a 10/10. The graphics are great the game flow is smooth and I never lagged even though I have this moderate Toshiba laptop. It does give you a tutorial at the beginning on how to play don’t get me wrong but I skipped it because they said they would help me 100% of the way (not). The characters and there abilities match up really well with there lore (Story). Even better more so then less is the community no one usually have a problem with helping out the noobs (New players). Also don’t ever just straight out call mid trust me because I tried when I had Shyvana and this happened. oh my Thank you guys for reading my game review. I love you guys and “RRRAAAAAAAAWWRRR” bye bye.

Nightmare at Christmas

Playstation Base


Hello all, and welcome back to Playstation Base!  I hope you are all feeling fine and enjoyed your Christmas break!

Christmas is that time of year where millions of men, women and children wait with anticipation to open all of those great games, consoles and accessories that they asked for over the preceding months.  Millions of pounds were spent on gaming across the globe and with the end of year 1 for Next Gen consoles looming, it would be the best Christmas yet right?  Wrong!

On December 24th, the notorious and infamous hacking group, Lizard Squad, shocked and appalled the entire globe when they brought down PSN and XBL among a few other services.  This rendered every single gamer unable to play online and in many cases, their digital downloads too.  This was a disaster for the Christmas period, for both the consumer and the service providers, where not only were…

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#8 My favorite anime couple..

Ok does my anime/manga count? Does it have to be one thats one air? Well here I’ll give you mine and a real one I guess so no one will be disappointed. So without further ado my favorite anime couple.

My (Real) anime couple is the one and only Kirito & Asuna from “Sword Art Online”k&a now the reason I chose these two is because it’s much like yours truly relationship without all the death… Their attitudes and ways of thinking are much like me and the significant other but I won’t get too deep in that because then you’d know too much. There contrast in color scheme and all is very nice and I love their relationship very much. Also the way the artist portrayed Kirito and Asuna as they were in the beginning into the latest episodes are fantastic and I like how they just didn’t stick to them being the only couple they added others who also loved Kirito as if they knew him there whole life.

Now for my couple. If you remember my last post my characters weren’t described in my story but the one thing was they knew each other like the back of their hands and didn’t have to communicate with each other in order to know what each other meant. Junbai Digma and Kalyani Inaki the boy that’s half demon and the girl who is a fallen angel. The boy being know for killing indiscriminately and the only girl in history to be a fallen angel with black wings. Their past and future become very very interesting after a while.

In order for me to post more. You guys have to request it. I know I say its my blog and I post what I want but you guys can suggest stuff and give your input. I invite all input no matter how mean it sounds. So for those of you that gave me a read thanks. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.

#7 Anime Crush >//^//<

So since I’m bisexual I get two right is that fair?

Well I’m doing it anyway I feel like I have that right.

Anime boy crush: I believe the reason why I chose this cutie is because how strong and self motivated. He’s also gay and his name Bulat from Akame ga kill

he’s such a sweetheart and his heart its full of gold!


P.s. He also has those amazing muscles >////°////<“

Anime girl crush: Next up ladies now since I already chose Tsubaki for female fav. I’ll choose someone else. This girl is independent all in all she knows how to clear a room but hey soft side isn’t very soft. Revy from

Black Lagoon


She’s so awesome if I was strong willed I’d love to be around her.

Welp there you have it. My anime crushes thanks for reading make sure you check out my game reviews as well. Love you and yea “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love guys bye bye.

The Santa Claus Theory

This an amazing girl blogger please give her a chance and read some of her bloggs. Thanks 😀

Loud Thoughts Voiced Out

I didn’t grow up with Santa. I don’t celebrate Christmas. I don’t know the story. But I like the concept. I’ve always wanted the presents and the tree. When I was 16, I went to Santa Anita Mall in California and took a picture with Santa Claus. My first one ever. I now have that picture on a keychain tucked safe inside a box. A priced possession. That’s what I think Christmas is about.

In kindergarten, my teacher would ask us to bring a wrapped gift from our parents to put under a tree so during our last class before Christmas, one of the staff members could dress up as Santa Claus and give it back to us as presents. It was the most wonderful time of the year. Technically, it’s a present from me, for me and yet it felt unbelievably amazing. But can every child have that?

I have parents that took…

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In the last review…

Jill Chris Sheva Noo!



Hello guys and welcome to DragonKing blog. Since I did Resident Evil 5 why shouldn’t Resident Evil 6?

You did horrible last time 

Oh uhh ok then never mind…haha but on a another note Resident Evil 6 step up so many scales that Dragon age had to put more scales on there dragons…. crickets soo anyways there features not only upgraded but there high definition and quality shot up the roofs. Finally we can move while shooting thank the gods! Overall im gonna go ahead give this a 10.0/10.0 the one think it was lacking nothing whatsoever. Good luck and get as many SS end chapters. Keep dragoning on. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” later. I love you guys bye bye.

One time for the old times

You know what time it is….



     Sheva! Chris! Jill! Noo! and every other possible yell you can think of in Resident Evil 5. In this game review my radar tells me we have a difficulty setting that is fair to say the least. In this story you play as Chris and a BSAA agent by the name of Sheva. While still trying to keep the virus at bay Chris is also trying to kill Albert Wesker. The last time he went to kill lets just say Chris last partner jumped out the window with Albert in her arms.


The setting is Africa where you meat Sheva your new partner. You will be fight against the same old same virus. The enemies change depending on if you shoot a certain enemy in the head and torso. The worst enemy that could possible come after you is the enemies I like to call the ram heads or the buffalo from state farm. The enemies like usual can wield weapons from melees to guns. Which I consider fair by all means. The bosses are easy to people who know how the enemies work after a few or even one attempt(s). The game modes are sorta small to say the least but its more storyline for Resident Evil you know? (Until that is Resident Evil 6 came out) Anyways so the game in a nutshell is pretty good even for you gamers that like the oldies here you go. Resident Evil 5 gets a 8.5/10. “RRRAAAAAAAWWRRR” I love you guys bye bye.